From 9-5 Prison to Full-Time Musician: My Journey

I am a 60 year old independent artist (singer, songwriter, guitarist) working to revive what I once had: a full-time music career. Join me in my journey out of the mundane security of the daily 9-5 lemmings migration into the paralyzing uncertainty of the current music industry.

"Live in the now!" 

I am discovering that the only way to live content, balanced and free is to "live in the now."  Be in the moment, every moment. If I am leaning forward, striving for a goal, then I am anxious. If I am leaning back, I tend to regret. When I am centered and balanced I can be thankful for my situation, and the conditions around me, whatever they may be.
Garth Algar: "Stop torturing yourself man! You'll never afford it! LIVE IN THE NOW!"
Wayne Campbell: "It will be mine. Oh yes. It will be mine."
In this scene…Read more

Tipping Points 

Every circumstance has tipping points. In the 2017 NFC Championship game, it was Mason Crosby's missed field goal and Aaron Ripkowski's fumble that caused the dominoes to fall, unabated, in the Falcons' direction. A tipping point can be a talent, attitude or presence that cannot be denied. It can also be a weakness, vice or negativity that inhibits your ability to succeed. For me, that vice is my disturbingly poor financial management and spending habits. I have been living at or beyond my means for my…Read more

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